Magic time

Would you like to try new activity in your life? Do you need anything new, because you don´t want have still same life? That is normal that you like football or squash, it is normal that you like entertainment in pub, but you want try anything original and special? So you definitely should come to our salon! You can find it in Prague, but also in all bigger cities in Czech Republic. And what can you find in that salon? There is prepared erotic massage for you! You can only come, choose your masseuse and enjoy great massage with erotic context. We are here for you with different procedures that you can pass.

In all bigger cities

If you never been there, you maybe should start with something basic. We can offer you classic procedure, when beautiful girl will start with touches of your muscles, of you back, legs, but finally she will touch also your intimate parties and you can tell her, what you like and what not. And next visit you can try for example tantra or nuru procedure, where is more erotic theme – girl will massage you by all her naked body with special gel.